Multi Floors (How do they work)

I haven’t played this game in a while and with all the new improvements I would like to play again. My question is how exactly do these floors work? How do I seperate my arrivals and departures or is that not a feature. My question might be confusing but I appreciate any answers.

TL;DR - I would like more details about the new multi floor feature and how it works

So far separation is not 100% possible due to other issues.

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Right now because all doors are two way, there’s not really much you can do because path finding can be wack. You can manipulate path finding a little to work for you.

I’ve made an airport where passengers immediately drop two levels into the “arrivals area” by putting an escalator directly next to the jetway exit, and then having secure exits only on the underground arrivals area to funnel exiting passengers downstairs. Most passengers make their way down the escalator and to the exit, but of course it’s not perfect and some go out to the restrooms in the departure hall.

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You can set up your airport how you want on the multi-floors. You can have your stands be detached on the first floor so the passengers walk out to the aircraft via the crosswalk. or you can use the jet bridge and connect it to a boarding desk on the 2nd/3rd floor (maybe the 1st floor too, I haven’t tried that yet). But to establish connection for passengers and staff between floors you have to have the same secure or non secure zoning on both floors where the elevator/stars are. Arrivals and arrivals will be on the same floor as one another. but you can have arrivals go downstairs to an exit if you want and have departures go upstairs before or after checkin/security checkpoints. Its up to you. The multi-floors mainly allow for double/triple/or more the space when building your terminals and allows for so many more configurations. Its awesome!!! You can even put baggage claim on the floor -1 (floor below ground) if you want etc… the options are endless basically. just put the boarding desk on the floor you want to jet bridge to connect to. You can also have remote stands as well and have a bus take the passengers to the stand. Not sure what else to say at this point. you’ll just have to play around with it and figure it out. Welcome back and enjoy the amazing updates!!!


It are indeed amazing updates these days and updates which make a big contrebution to the realistic gameplay. I tried already a couple of months ago but due lack of time I had a period without airport ceo.
I remember having problems with connecting bagage bays to check in desks at different levels…
Is this meanwhile possible ?

Yes! Works perfectly.

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