Moving a Boarding Gate without Cancelling Flights

Moving a Boarding Gate without Cancelling Flights

I would like to be able to move a boarding gate gracefully without major disruption.


So right now, I have a stack of international medium gates on the ground floor, as passengers board using stairs where appropriate. I’ve now been able to afford a new floor and upgrade the stands to Jetways to move from the ground floor to the 1st floor and board using those using newly installed gates. Unfortunately, even though there are currently 4 gates associated with each stand (2 on floor 1 and now 2 legacy ones on the ground floor, I can’t delete the ground floor ones without closing the stands and thus cancelling all the flights on that stand.

I would understand that behaviour if the boarding desk connected was the very last one, but not where there is move than one. Surely the game should detect at least 2 are connected and allow the gate to be removed without thinking it’s the very last one.

Why it should be implemented:

In short, cancelling an entire batch of flights to gracefully move from the ground floor to upstairs doesn’t warrant that behaviour. It’s very disruptive and requires all the flight to be rebooked on the gate. If I have 10 Stands to move as I have now, I practically cancel my entire flight roster. I also noticed it affected airline reputation because of the mass cancellations.

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I can understand flight cancellations if it’s the last boarding gate to be removed. But not when I have 4 in total connected and I want to remove two excess gates to then delete them. Please detect… “If more than one gate is attached to stand, do not invoke stand closure process on the deletion of the gate”.


like this.

Maybe… how about being able to swap or move schedules to and from stands. Could then move flights to a temporary stand whilst do upgrades on another.

Or ability to effectively cut copy paste but only one stand at a time. Sort of a holding pen for a stands flight schedule whilst you switch it off, do some work on it and then reopen it

The game shouldn’t have to close a stand if at least one boarding desk is connected. That way you could build your upstairs desk, link it and then demolish the downstairs boarding desk.

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Changing to jetway boarding from walking to the plane shouldn’t need you to manually move all flights from the gate in order to close it. There should be a button which will move en-masse all the flights scheduled for one gate to a gate without any future flights scheduled in order that you can close the gate to make the changes required.

I’d like to replace the medium boarding desk with a small one when I put in self-boarding gates (saves one PSA), but it’s too much of a chore to do it with the current restrictions. It should be possible to put in the new boarding desk and the self-boarding gates, link them up to the stand and then unlink and remove the old one.

This will also enable an easy way to get out of the situation where you put a boarding desk for a remote stand gate on the ground floor underneath a jetway gate and it automatically connects to the stand outside, rather than allowing you to manually connect it to the bus stop and the remote stand. I’ve found that if you put the desk anywhere than directly underneath the jetway area then it won’t auto-connect, but sometimes it’s the only place for it…

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+1, don’t have anything to add.
Just started moving onto jetways and I had to cancel all my flights because of it…

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