More variatives area and some ideas

Before to topic, i dont know if its already been posted or no. I would like suggest more areas such as :

  • VIP Area (Maybe usefull later if there has private jet plane or … )
  • Wifi Area
  • Lobby area (Current system looks a lil bit boring, pax exit from plane, take baggage, go to bus stop. Maybe if this implement, pax can have some activity in lobby area)
  • Maintenance area (An area which make pax cannot pass and use stuffs at the maintenance area)
  • Immigration area
  • Storage area

and i would like to know if is it possible to implement a system that allowing security to patrol around area we create ? (Like in PA system)
Sorry before if i always compare it to PA.

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really like the vip-area. That would also mean, that there are diffrent types of passengers, like tourists, businesspeople, vips, superrichs etc.

Dont know about lobby and maintenance areas. Lobby is just everything that is not in secure zone (?), so you can build shops and foodstands there and pax will hang around. And maintenance sounds very similar to staff zone.

Really like the storage area. This could be a necessity for shops and foodstands and have an impact on their liklyhood to rent space in the airport. And also for janitors and service technicians.

…oh and patroling sounds good, though then crime should be implemented, otherwise this is just a cosmetic thing… :thinking:

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