More options of who employs staff

Apologies if this has already been suggested; I couldn’t find this anywhere.

It seems that currently, you as the airport CEO are in charge of hiring individual employees for airport staff, ground crew, security, janitors, and maintenance people. At least in the US, this isn’t very realistic. For security, airports contract with the TSA or private security firms who provide security service for a set price. This could be implemented by adding security contracts, where companies agree to provide security for your airport for a set price. To make it more complex, you could make it so there are factors other than price that differ by contract, such as who provides the equipment and necessary accommodations for the employees.

The same is true for maintenance and janitors. These jobs are often contracted out.

For ground crew and airport staff, most of these jobs are done by airline employees. For example, manning the check in desk and the boarding desk, some information desks, and handling the bags. I understand that the airline contracts aren’t yet like how they are in real life, so maybe this is planned for when the contract system is updated.

I know some people enjoy having it how it is now as it gives them more control, but I would like to see there be some of these options for people who don’t want to micromanage everything. For things that are usually contracted out, we could have the option to contract them out or to do them in house and hire the employees to do so. For things traditionally done by airlines, who does them could be a negotiable part of the contract. If you don’t want to deal with them, you could insist that the airlines do them, which would come at a cost and possibly losing out on some contracts. For people who like to micromanage things, they could negotiate to do it in-house which would result in a larger cost to the airline.

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I talked a little bit about this with pderuiter, but our topics were about the use of board members.

What I was suggesting is that HR Manager would be of some use, which in this case is the automatic recruitment of staffs.

I agree though, on the elaboration for subcontractors. If we have a deeper HR aspect, such as unionized labor workforce, this would spawn many interesting things (conflicts, disasters like airport staff on strike, etc.)

However, we have to keep in mind the systems in this game seems like it’s taken from an EU standpoint, and I don’t know if it’s the same case there.

Yes, it is basically the same in EU.

Thanks for the link. If it’s not too hard to code, I’d like both subcontracting and giving your HR department control to both be options. Especially if the HR system as a whole gets more complex, those choices would become more significant. Subcontracting could also be a way to manage during a strike, although it would probably be significantly more expensive.

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