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More aircraft parking options


  1. More aircraft parking options are needed.
    For example:
  • Parking lots with through passage.
    That is, the plane enters from one side and exits from the opposite.
  • Parking places WITHOUT lighting masts.
    In real life, lighting is not present at all parking lots. Especially often it is not in the aircraft storage stands.
  • Add the option WITHOUT lighting masts near parking lots where de-icing takes place.
    This will allow them to be positioned in places where aircraft with large wingspan can transit.
  • Add parking for medium to large aircraft with 45 degree parking. Following the example of parking for small aircraft.
    Such parking lots are used very often, especially at smaller airports.
  1. Add the ability to regulate the movement of aircraft (small / medium / large) across the airport.
    It is very important that the planes do not pass their wings through adjacent buildings (for example, lighting masts).
    For example, it can be implemented in the same way as it is now done for cars.
  2. Increase the length of the large runway by approximately 20%. It now looks disproportionately short in comparison to large aircraft. Visually it is similar to 2000m-2300m, but should be more similar to 3500m.
    Standart large runway: 151x7 game squares.
    My version large runway: 197x9 game squares.
  3. Make it possible to build corridors between terminals above the road.

Why it should be implemented:

This will allow the airport to be built with a greater degree of realism.

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Interesting idea!! Definitely something to vote for. Also consider deleting the text at the top as that is not suppose to be there. :thinking:


Good idea! I have voted and i want that too!

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