More music, please

I really like the chillaxed and calming style of the game music. I wonder: Does someone mind tipping the talented sound artists by having a DLC with more music? Producing music costs money and they deserve it. So I am not asking for this being paid from the actual game’s budget. What we get with the package is good on its own. But to have an expanded soundtrack, if you wanted it, would be nice to have.

I would gladly throw 3€ into the hat to hear more of the talented musicians we got in our soundtrack.

Any opinions on this? I know, microtransactions are not great to have, but I see the potential to add more without limiting the current budget for the game and thus gameplay issues. The game really profits from a good soundtrack.


Great idea!
I immediately turn off music in games. It distracts me.
So I am supporting the idea to have additionally music as extra-charged DLC.

Still wondering whether new music could be added. Maybe some other style like jazz? Or just going with the flow? At least, we have a nice soundtrack and could get more.

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