More mouse control

Please please please Devs!!

Add pan with mouse (either right/left click or middle scroll button) along with zoom to mouse pointer. It’s very frustrating using wasd/arrow keys to move around the map. I just can’t get into the game properly using this method.


Yep, good idea :wink: :smiley:

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Yeah, I am anxiously waiting for some form of mouse panning (middle mouse button is my preferred choice).
I hate edge scrolling, especially when all the UI buttons are at the edges too, so that’s turned off…

What’s worse though, is when your trying to do something, like assign a baggage area (or things like that) and then you have to use WASD to move the view for the final connection, it sometimes decides to not move, but instead rename something to wwwwwwwwww, lol. Meaning, zoom all the way out and start again, meanwhile, the thing you are trying to select as the final point is covered in huge UI boxes (although it still works)

I might sound like a whiner, but it’s frustrating. The UI needs some polish and it should have a higher priority than implementing content packs, as nice as they can be…

So last week was naturally focused on continuing the implementation of new art and updating the overall look of Airport CEO. However, we also had time for a little bit of QA work and put some effort into polishing visual details.

Not to mention being able to actually click some things like floor types without playing a game of ‘keep the popup menu open’. I’ve not played it as much recently because of UI related issues.


I agree, it is all totally frustrating, and unnecessary. I hate edge scroll, especially in this game, as when one goes to use the side menus, the map scrolls everywhere. I had that disabled long ago. The clicking and choosing an option is very frustrating also, as one has to click and try and move mouse pointer quick to select option before it closes again, Grrrr!!!

This game uses the same engine as that other airport sim (SA), Unity, which has this system in place, so I see no reason why this cant be implemented without too much effort?

I think ‘cosmetics’ are fine, but they should come last on the list of things needed to make this a great game.

Lets get the important stuff implemented, like the above, and of course, 21:9 support, both of which are standard features OOTB in that other airport sim :wink:

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A quick rant on the coming week’s development. Yup, many aspects of the current UI and UX suck and we’ll fix that as a part of one of the major epics starting after Alpha 24 has been deployed on the default branch. We’re currently transitioning to the new office but when that’s done (by end of Tuesday) we’ll focus on deploying 24 for the default branch. When it’s deployed and stable we’re gonna start work on three epics: Airline contracts and flight planning, the UI (and UX) and path finding.

Airline modding is more or less already complete, we just need to finish some data structures and provide a few templates before launching it for community testing. For the airline contracts we expect to launch that change on experimental within the next week or so, most likely together with airline modding.

The UI will transition incrementally, the first step is to get rid of the horrible 16:9 aspect ratio forcing and enable a responsive UI. This could not be done properly before launch since we had no funds and no option to truly test different aspects and resolutions in-game and I say “truly” because yes, we could simulate different aspects in the editor as well as using other software but simulations never reflect reality. Now we have funds and will acquire screens that we can run proper tests on. When that’s done we’re going to fix the horrible button and tab situation with the management panel, i.e. remove those long interaction paths and make the panel a lot easier to navigate. We have a few ideas in place that follow best practice from other titles which we’ll use while we still wan’t to keep the overall concept of the management panel. In conjunction with that layout change we’re also gonna overhaul the overall look of the panel with the implementation of new UI assets such as stylized buttons, drop downs and improved graphics. As a part of this overhaul we’ll of course also look at the controls and implement those basic features that you’ve mentioned here, although I believe that edge scrolling is possible to enable via the game play panel in game if it’s not broken down.

Anyway, a short and unstructured rant on the path of the UI epic ahead! :slight_smile: Any ideas and suggestions is of course greatly appreciated.


Lets keep you guys on your toes, feels good! :smiley:

Dont forget to give warnings "ID"s in them;

Passenger cannot find a path to “SECURE BOOT X” in stead of Passenger cannot find a path to secure boots"

Ramp agent cannot find a path to “STAND X” in stead of Ramp Agent cannot find a path"

Suitcase cant reach Bay X, etc, etc…

Well, I thank you kindly Olof, for taking time out to answer these points, and more so, for your very detailed ‘road map’ of what’s ahead. Your game is a winner regardless, but I want it to be more, and after your thoughts (rant, lol), I have no fear that it will be anything less.

Thank you, and keep up the great work that you do.

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