More builders in «Sandbox mode”

Hey, I made an airport in sandbox mode, and I realized that it takes ages if you want to build a huge airport since you only have 50+ workers from the first contractors.

Therefore am I requesting more builders in sandbox mode, ideally it would be up to 1000, but that may be too much lag, so I would have gone with 500.

The reason I want it is because I want to speed up the process when building big airports from the start.

Example of it taking much time: I’ve used 3 years on making one airport and it is not even finished yet

Thank you for reading


You can always disable construction and material animations via F10 Debug menu :wink:

But I also agree that max 70 contractors are not enough. Maybe game can offer 3 or 4 star companies that offer up to 200 contractors.


I am not sure about this, but I think I saw someone say you can go into the game file and change"maxContactors" or something. :wink:


As a partial solution you could download the mod “Real Contractors by Dubinek” from STEAM workshop.
It has companies of up to 5 stars giving you up to 150 contractors (A little tip: If they do not offer 150 workmen decline the offer and wait for a new one to get more contractors). :wink:

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Honestly speaking, I do not understand, why constructor contracts are limited, at all.

I understand that you can not attract big airlines or shop-chains, if you are having only a small airport.

But if I’m having the money, (no matter if sandbox or not) I should be able to hire as much contractors as I can afford…

So I’m unhappy about being not able to hire more than 95 contractors on my airport - having more than 40 stands and up to 8000pax at the same time…

F10 is not a solution, its a cheat… :wink:


Thanks, with 275 builders it took so much shorter time, did some back and forth, so I do have like 100 people just chilling in the terminal

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I agree. I similarly have a very large airport and major construction projects take FOREVER, and yes I also don’t want to F10 it either :smile:

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