Money from taxis in the airport

I have this idea. The idea is how about you have taxi stands not taxiways. A place where taxis park and per customer that use them, they pay you a certain portion of their income from that trip.

I see it as another way of improving your income instead of just having shops who pay rents and airlines who pay for your runway use.

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Taxi stands, car parking and long term parking are all planned features that will be implemented down the road.
If you are interested in reading more about these features, you can follow the links below.

Keep those ideas flowing and feel free to search the forums, you may be surprised with what you find.
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Oh how officious of you :stuck_out_tongue:

I do wonder if we have taxi stands that we can charge to use…

Is this common practice though? I’ve never heard about airports getting paid from taxi companies to have their own stands. I thought it was more of an mutual agreement that both parties benefit from. Taxis get customers and airports get travellers.

I reckon this is one of those areas, where pure realism makes way for gameplay :slight_smile: Or not, perhaps we don’t make money off of taxistands, but is it a requirement for certain airlines

There are serval airports that there is only one taxi company that cover their routes to certain parts of the city. And for a taxi driver to have that route, he has to be working with that company and have a special license from the airport. The license is called something as airport permit just like the taxi permit.

In Thailand this happens where a set amount goes to the airport and the rest to the taxi company so it is feasible and does happen.

Normally a taxi has to be licensed to pickup at the airport, but any taxi can drop-off at the airport (but cannot pickup a fare as it is leaving).

I could see taxis and private coaches operating like franchises. CEO selects the best option from a list and pays a contract fee and gets a cut of the revenue from the business. This could then include dedicated taxi and bus stops (need to be in a good location).

city bus could be auto generated as it usually in provided publically by the city.

What would be cool is if the airport is in a “world” and there are demand for connections to other nearby cities and towns by private bus, taxis, rapid transit etc.

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Maybe something like policies so you can select whether all taxis or franchise taxis only can call at your stands. Allowing you to just place taxi stands down and have them work in the beginning, but if you want to make them a bit more lucrative (at the expense of the fare paying passengers who might hate you for it a bit) you can setup a permit/franchise system.

This does however seem a bit too complex for the game at least in it’s current state, though i’m all for control over everything I can’t see an easy/intuitive way to do this that makes it clear, especially to new players, what’s going on. Though I suppose that’s about UI design.


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