Modular Jetbridges

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Modular Jetbridges

_ what stands having changed and the need for an upgrade to add the boarding Bridge, I felt this would be a good idea. We could upgrade the stand to accept a board and Bridge, and then place the bridge wherever we would like on the building, and drag it over to it’s box on the apron._

Why it should be implemented:
People may feel like this isn’t needed, but not every airport has a perfect stand layout. Some airports and their Gates share one door for two boarding bridges, some airports have two boarding bridge doors right next to each other, and some airports even have a really long Jet Bridge to reach slightly further areas. By doing this, we would be able to make our airports even more unique, and by doing that it will allow us to utilize different methods of Passenger flow.

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+1 from me. It would allow me to make very long jet bridges and make passengers mad so +1!

PLEASE! I have been dying for something like this. I imagined something similar to placing the security/check-in queues. You place the stand wherever, and then use a similar function to connect the jetway to the terminal.

Holy cow! Yes! Especially that last picture you linked to… if only my airport could look like that! Right now it’s so formal and blocky.

Plus, existing price for the jetway upgrade (10k) seems a bit too low for me… :wink: Worth correcting by the way.


To expand more on this, there could be a jetbridge panel to decide what style of jetbridge to use. Glass or metal, fixed or movable, extended or split, stuff like that.

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