Mods to the game


have the following problem…
I download from steam work, and from apog labs as a file…
AirportCEOTweaks 2.3.6: Misc Patch.
and picked up at apog laps,
Airport CEO Custom Buildables 1.2: Click & Drag.

acknowledge it installed AGAINST UMOD FRAMEWORK, and installed through there, and it says it’s installed correctly…?

and the mods that are for the game where you have to put mods in the folder:

C:\Users\cala1\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Mods.
here too…

C:\Users\cala1\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Mods:

wooden sign, parking machine, floors… etc

and they appear in the game menu under native mods
but they are not in the game?

what am i doing wrong?

Can you post a screenshot of your complete ACEO main screen? Just to see if the Tweaks are loaded correct.

Do you have UMF installed?

det står der… ja


was is this ?

Yes. It looks like UMF and Tweaks aren’t installed correct. Otherwise you would see a window on the top left and the Tweaks version would also be shown below the game version.

When you install the UMF, make sure you install it on the sane drive as ACEO is installed. Then you can search for compatible games snd select ACEO.
When this is done, you can install further Tweak mods succh as the custom buildables.

well, I think it’s installed there for the uploader - install it when I choose there…

Can you go into the uModFramework folder, and open the Mods folder and take a screenshot?

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and the dir…

None of the mods have been installed. You need to click on the link to download it from UMF.

link ?

i get it from steam…

It is in the forum here. The mod you “installed” was the aircraft pack which needs the Tweaks mod installed first.

i get it from steam…
look self…
its write how to get it

and you haven’t listened. You can download these mods on the workshop, but in order to use them in the game, you need to have the full mods installed. That can’t be done on the Steam workshop as it changes the game source code.

Yes. You need to download the mod from that link posted there.

i hafe do that…
its write this when i try to install…

I did see multiple other folders there and ones that aren’t. I would suggest uninstalling the framework and reinstalling it again. As far as I know, the mods that are in that folder should not be there.

hmm i will try
so, uninstall umodframe work…