Mods are gone from my game


i think this was already discussed but i cant find where.
I play exp version and lately many of the mods i have just dont show up in game.
Strangely, for example, a mod that i had yesterday ( alitalia ) now is disappeared from my new airpprt.
Also, some airline dont have their liveries anymore but just air strada or other default planes.
What am i doing wrong ?
I was thinking about sending a bug report but i dont know if i can for mods… and i dont knoe how anyway :rofl: :joy:


Is the entire contract missing or just the planes?
Are you sure it is not disabled in the mod menu?
And do you play on Default or on Experimental? (On Experimental, the B737-600 is broken at the moment and always flies in the same livery.)


i am on experimental branch. The entire contract doesent show up and liveries are not right.
Here an example, and it’s actually nordic airline, a default airline.

I have sent a bug report 37828

Correct, thats the B736-600 bug. Hopefully fixed on Monday.

Regarding the missing contracts, may is your airport rating too low? Which mod is missing for example?

hello. here an examole… thankx again

there are mods that offering contracts…
how many mods do you have more or less subscripted? any big modpack?