Modifying the max number of flights per day

will definitly do…

@DomiWi The runway always has to have an entrence and an exit. If you close off the entrance and connect the butt-end of the runway with a taxiway, then the planes have no choice but enter the runway through here. They will do a crazy dance befor take off though :wink:

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Not necessarily. The requirement is for two runway ramps. I have been running a take-off only large runway for large and medium aircraft with two entry ramps.

Correct, it doesn’t matter where the ramps are, it just needs two of them.

@andyc @talisman56 Yes you guys are absolutly right. The above said applies only if you want the planes to enter the runmay from a parallel taxiway and not through a sidways entrence.

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I did the thing!

From version 2.1.3; airport CEO tweaks makes additional atc towers and radars have a (reduced) effect on max flights, bringing the maximum achievable up to somewhere between 600 and 700. See the tweaks thread for details :slight_smile: