Mode compatibility

Hi! I stumbled upon this game this summer and can’t seem to get enough of it ever since.
Including real Airline modes makes it especially interesting. I noticed though that when installing certain modes others suddenly don’t show up in the economy tab anymore.
Are some modes incompatible with others and is there a way to override this?
For example after installing the south Korean pack the european buisnesses weren’t shown as an option anymore.

Can you check modding menu in game to see if some mods become disabled? There was a bug that makes some mods to be disabled without user input.

there was always a green check sign. Although i always saved and left the game and only then checked the modding menu. Can i open the modding menu whilst playing?

No. Save game then quit to main menu and check green ticks. :white_check_mark:

You can go to game, then quit again and take a look at modding menu again. If number of ticks are different then it is a bug.

i get the same bug. i just got a ton of new mods installed but none show up in the game even though all the boxes are checked

Thanx, i`ll try it. So, all modes schould be compatible regardless of moder.
Because i’ve had this as well when i installed ACEOMM european buisnesses and all of a sudden Airkiribaty and Sechelles didn’t Show up anymore although they were checked green in the moddig menu. This reversed when i deeistalled the ACEOMM Mode

is there a way to debug it?

idk what is going on im going to submit a bug report now

ACEO-17835 is the bug report number

great thx

That is a issuewhen have to much mods from steam or the ACEOMM from steam collected, i guess it is something abou 155 business that can be loaded… And then it will pick allways the oldest one…

ok so i should remove some mods?

My opinion is yes, lot of business and mod packs and it is not showing them in contracts… But you need to cancel them in steam…

Is that 155 businesses including the Default ones or on top?

Well at all it is not sure but we modders discuss this and try out… And yes it is on top i guess

well i have not made any of my own mods so i wont have any uptop

Do you guys know if there is a qay to download only some aceomm businesses and not the whole mode?

Do you guys know if there is a qay to download only some aceomm businesses and not the whole mode?

ACEOMM has been suspended until v2 release, so currenty you can only use steam workshop packages that were uploaded by 3rd people who have no relation with ACEOMM development.

Ah! Thank you.

@LEI. Yes you can extract the mods you want to use and create your own native mods with them. You have to move the files to the game file locations and do some minor editing of son files etc. but its possible.