Moddable security vehicles


I have heard rumors that “Security Cars” will be in an upcoming update, and along with this i would guess there will be contracts to hire security companies.

My idea with this is to add moddable vehicles, so each security company can be uniqe.

How i propose this could be executed:
There is a vehicle in the MDK for security, kinda like how the plane livery painting works, that anyone who has the skills can paint to a livery. And if you have skills enough i propose you should be able to change the vehicle type out to something completley different, e.g a real car as the Volvo V90 (without a lot of json editing if possible)

How would this benifit the game?
It would add a lot of variety into the game, because not every single car would just drive around with the company’s logo on it. It could also give a more realistic feeling into the game if you are for example making a military-run airport with military vehicles driving around as security.
The feature could also give the user a more realistic feeling if they see vehicles that they are used to IRL driving around (as the V90 mentioned before).

How would i propose it would look in game?
Something like this Norwegian Police Passat:


interesting, would be a good addition to realistic airports. :+1: i’m in

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Same with service vehicles, I like it!

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It would be nice if players are able to “split” services and the logos. In reality the airport logo, displayed on the airport building, would be different from the handler’s logo, displayed on the ground equipment. At the same time it is common to have separate refuelers and often catering as well so technically each service vehicle could have a different handler or even multiple handlers one airport if they are larger in size.

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Yes! Maybe the possibility to assign ground handlers to stands, e.g one stand can have one furl supplier, one catering agency while the stand next to it could use another fuel supplier or catering.
And maybe have a “Ground Handler” contract that takes control over all the vehicles just wearing the airport logo today

If it would be implemented, not just security vehicles but ANY vehicles, even airplanes, can be moddable to the game, am I right?

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