Mod testing airport

This is an airport uh “contest” for the best mod testing airport.

  1. Don’t go and build a giant airport with like 30 stands.
  2. Must have 2 of each stand type( GA, small, medium, large)
  3. For the medium and large stand 1 must be using a jetway and the other 1 not
  4. Must have 1 shop and 1 restaurant each with the ability for 5 star contracts
  5. All services for planes must work (baggage, catering, fueling, cleaning, de icing)
  6. Basically everything with a contract must be there
  7. If you upload it no contracts must be signed

I will post my own later today

4 of each is to much for testing, 2 each is way faster to load… Nice idea, maybe i will use the winner instead of mine

I’ll change it to 2

Ok I’m almost back home so I can work on my submission!

Oh almost forgot about GA! Adding that now

This is my Livery Test Airport, Based in Colonia Tovar, Venezuela
GA is activated for 3 Stands
2 Small Stand
2 Medium
2 Large with availability of Medium Planes
3 Shops
3 Restaurants
(for Franchises Mod Packs it is better to have several)

Runaway and main Terminal

Baggage Claim and Stuff Rooms with connection to Level -1 and Level 1

Checkin-Desks, Security Desks and Shops/Restaurant

Parking and Acces Site

Level -1, where the Stuff walk to the Baggage Zone

Baggage Bay and Small Stuff Room for the Ramp Agents

Whole Level -1

Connection of Baggage Trays on Level -2 to the Baggage Claim

Level 1, Shop, Restaurant and Gates for Medium and Large Stands

I like! I’m still working on mine but I’m almost done