Mod install directory

Where is the airport CEO mod directory because I want to install a mod manually and I can’t find the directory.
I’ve tried C:/users/redacted/appdata/roaming/apoapsis studio/airport ceo/mods and the mod isn’t working
It’s an airline mod so maybe I just gotta be patient for it to show up in the flight scheduler if airline mods are supported

Hi and welcome

The directory is correct. When the mod is correctly setup, it should appear in the modding menu on the start page.
If it doesnt, the structure and the files might be wrong.

Have you used the example mods from the wesite?

Oh shoot I didn’t know I had to enable it in a mod menu sorry I’m really dumb its literally right Infront of my face sorry

I enabled the mod in the mod menu and the airline wont show up in the contracts do I have to do anything else

  • You can check the star rating of the airline and the one from the airport. Airport has to be the same or higher.
  • You can check if you have the right stands for the airline.
  • How many mods have you installed There is a limit around 120 mod when i am not totally wrong.
  • Are you sure that the mod is correctly written? And loaded?
  • If everything is fine you have to wait until they offer you a contract.

120 mods heck no I have 1 lol how do I check star rating for the airline

When you downloaded the mod, it is most time written some where, otherwise open the the json file with a text editor and check what is written under “businessClass” 0 = 1 star 4 = 5 Star

Additionally if there is no class set, it will default to a two star rating.