Mod in aircraft

this has probably been said before but how about if the dev’s made it so that with a program you can get a picture (png) and then set up the size of the aircraft (small medium or large) then set up where it will stop on the stand and then where the stairs or the jet way will connect or where Pax will spawn finally also how much fuel and pax it holds

why? because it means we can create our own aircraft and means people who asks for a plane they want they can make it as not all of the aircraft proposals cannot be made (there’s too much).

You can do that already. That’s what I have done with a 757200 and now the 777 300 files, and turning them into A380 or 747s. The challenge is the way the devs made the planes, with fixed wings, which makes them look a bit funny. I suspect the fixed wing is to ease the use of graphics or something.

The files mentioned above can be overlaid with anything you want. The A340300 doesn’t want to be overlaid for some reason.

Maybe @Rubblean share some more comment on what he does as he is real good at this line of work.

wait is that for types or can you create any plane type or only different types of the same plane

Well, you create a plane, wings and all and mask it over one of the existing planes. I have an Airbus beluga. The game thinks its a 757, which I will now update to it can reflect on the large stands as a A330…

So draw your plane. Work on the ratios of the games planes in terms of scaling and enjoy anyhhing you can dream off.

Have a look on the stram workshop for the beluga and see what it looks like masked over a 757.

The reality is to have all those parameters will be really hard for the devs… But if they create one aircraft per size that is not made with set wings… That would be nice and give us the freedom…

i don’t know how the code works but I have done some programing and know for the aircraft position and gate position fuel position etc there must be a look up table of sorts for the aircraft type and where to go I was suggesting making if it is moded go to a .txt file some where and read all of the parameters I was thinking they could make a programme where it creates the profiles (in codeing it would usually be x and y cordanate of that position (for what ever it is) and would also need a type of plane so in theory you could need a .txt document with about 10 lines (3 for name pic and size 2 for x and y of gate 2 for the x and y of the bags 2 for the x and y of the catering and 2 for the x and y of the garbage)

of course I don’t know the code and they may have coded different than most programs or it may need a lot of coding to make it work

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