[Mod] I made a Mod to Move the Boarding Desks while open!

I enjoy this game a lot but it really annoys me that you can’t move the boarding desks without having to close the stand and cancel its flights.

But fret no more! I figure out how to mod this game and now its possible to move the boarding desks! while open!
ACEO Mod Promo Even Shorter (1)

You now can move the boarding desks while open, but:

  • You need to have more than one desk for the stand, you cant move the last stant
  • The stand must be empty or…
  • Boarding for the flight must be close

How to Install

Its just like AiportCEO Tweaks.

  1. Make sure you have installed UMF (uMod Framework) into the game. Download it from here.
  2. Download the mod from the here.
  3. Double click the downloaded file to install it into the game.

PS. This should be in the game


Wow, great work! :grin: Welcome to the ACEO Code-Based Modding community. Its great that there are more people interested in modding the game. @zekew11 and I and very happy to help you if you have any questions about modding ACEO!
Now don’t mind me I have a cool mod to download… :wink:


thanks alot! glad to be here!

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