Mod development kit is down [solved]

Hi APOGLABS, hi community,

at Airport CEO | Modding the Airlines & liveries MDK downoad link in down (error 404). The “Read the Official ACEO Airline & Livery Modding Guide” link has problems too (the file will be delated soon…).

The template link in the " Design Your Own Airline or Repaint" thread (Med’s Templates) announces “Sorry, we couldn’t find that!”.

Is there still a possibility to get Templates?

the ACEO Modding group have their own repository with all improvments we did on the MDKs and also ne tweaks aircrafts… Futhermore we have MDKs for gimp and older PS versions… DM for link
(i am thinking about to lublish it to git instead of current onedrive share)


For the OG MDK

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Having a look at it! :slight_smile:

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Sorry and thank you dawed … I don’t find the button / menu to send you an DM. Can you send me a PM with the link please?

We are currently working on bringing it back online, should hopefully be up by tomorrow.

Edit: Waiting on some platform related issue support, will make it available as soon as possible.


Fixed! The MDK can now be accessed here: Sign in to your account

Is there a way you can provide the MDK’s without signing up for an account?

You should not need an account…

I used the link above, this is what I really should have used…

I went to the official website this time.

Yeah, I have updated the main link!

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It still asks for a Microsoft account, which some people may not have and don’t want to make…

Hmmm, try again. After the first time it asked me for an account, I used the link I posted above and it went straight through to the files.

For me the new Sharepoint link on the website worked.
May there is a difference for Windows and Mac users?

Hmm works on the website not on here. Sorry! It seems that if you are signed in and send me the link then I need to sign in, but there is a public link i can use without signing in

Two typos:

  1. In the last remarks it says “Airport CE” not “… CEO”
  2. I believe saves are uploaded via the “load game” panel not the “continue game” one. Unless I’m being stupid
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@Olof the example mod files for the Pilatus aircrafts are missing on the new share.

Will have a look at this next week!


These have been fixed, thanks!

Hmm, I can’t find those in our backup either, are we sure that they’ve been a part of the MDKs?

If you need the PSD’s just shout.

The PSD files are there.
The example files for the final mod are missing.
by the way also the A220 series.

So whatever backup you used, it was very old.
The A220 I can provide. But for PC we use enhanced ones with wings by dawed.