[Mod] AirportCEOTweaks 2.4.0: Mod Loader Support!

I played with the 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 Version using umod 0.53.7 and 0.53.9. The issue with missing planes came up on umod 0.53.9 for both tweaks versions and not on 0.53.7. That is why i think that the problem lies with the umod Framework.
I wonder if it will still show up with the steam modloader coming May 18th.

Also in my experience the latest tweaks version has a problem with allocating short distance routes ( no flights from Frankfurt with brussels airlines, Austrian, Swiss, KLM, but flights with TAP, Ibera, Aegean). Could it be that the minimum distance for medium planes has somehow changed?

Route generation in general was changed in my last update many months ago.

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I will simply reassess this when people report on how stability is going with the Mod Loader. That will remove any possibility of it being UMF related and I’ve found that it’s just cleaner and should be more stable

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Version 2.4.0 Conversion

  • Conversion: Converted mod to use the ACEOML
  • Removed Feature: Removed structure repair feature, moved to separate mod.

Roll-out status: :green_square:

This update brings Mod Loader support to AirportCEO Tweaks! Note most systems have not been changed to ML systems to increase stability and reduce my workload. Enjoy

Temp Download Location (Linked above too):

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What Should I Draw?

  • L1011
  • CV240/340/540/640 etc family
  • Convair 880/990
  • DC-8 family
  • DC-4/6/7 family
  • Hawker Siddeley Trident
  • BAC111
  • Sud Aviation Caravelle
  • B2707
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So - I’m working on getting back into the modding scene here, and I’m very excited about the possibilities @humoresque 's framework brings. That said, I think I need something more cathartic than debugging as a first step back in, so I’d like to add another fresh aircraft as I did the 727.

There are many pretty aircraft. Which of the above should be in ACEO first?


Since switching to the ML, with Tweaks 2.4.0, I’m getting disappearing flights galore every time I close and reopen the flight planner, and whenever I open up a save again usually the planner is completely empty.

My other issue I’ve been having seems to be with tweaks as it keeps dropping aircraft types. Example here is with Maersk Cargo which should have 767’s, but keeps kicking it back to A220’s.
It doesn’t seem to be completely getting rid of the tweaks aircraft as the 738M will still show up, but that seems to be about the only modded aircraft that will still show up.

I have a fresh ACEO install with no trace of UMF remaining. Any ideas?


Uhhhhhhhhh. Can you maybe show us your player.log after this happens, in case of any errors in there? I’ll look into it, but since I can’t reproduce it I have no lead to whats causing it other than that get next weekday one. I’ll try my best :confused:. Also could you provide and screenshot of your config?

Does this happen when you are ingame and reload your save?

It’ll be fine when I open up a save, but in time it’ll switch the planes out. Sometimes it’s 30 seconds and sometimes it’s 15 minutes, but never more than that. I’ll then have to close it out, unsub to Tweaks on Steam, then resub and reopen.

I’m not sure where to find the .log file, and which config are you looking for?

I had the same problem (the first one) with UMF, and I was hoping that it would be solved with the mod loader, but it keeps happening and I don’t know how to fix it. I hope anyone can find a solution soon!
Thank you all the modder community for your efforts!

It’d be Tweaks config and player.log (can be found by going config (F1) > Open Log for direct text version, which can be super long. You can either directly paste that in here in a hide details section, or if its too long, save the file somewhere you can find it using notepad, upload it to google drive or such, and then pop a sharing link here)

EDIT: Um you don’t really have to do any of that, I finally managed to recreate it (now that I was not being stupid). I’m checking out what Zekew said, and currently successful in crashing the game, but hey at least its reproducible and I’m finally working on it. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for looking into it and I’m glad you were able to finally recreate it! Was that for the disappearing schedules and for the aircraft types reverting back? Or did you need anything else for that issue?

Disappearing schedules. Right now i’m fine, I don’t really need any info, its just trying to figure out what causes the bug and fixing it

I know disappearing flights is now the main issue, but one small off-topic question - I note that the 1* airlines do not request luggage, yet the pax still bring it - and the luggage then goes to relevant luggage hub and just stays there and eventually disappears - is that intended (due to game limitations) or just a bug?


I have no idea. I’ll add it to the list of things to look into

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So I have encountered an important bug with the new version - the custom airlines with a country code do not generate flights unless the „Airline Nationality System” is disabled.

The vanilla airlines with no country code do generate, so do the custom airlines with no country code. And yes, I have double checked if the country code is correct. My airport is in Switzerland and I have Lufthansa airline with „DE” country code - absolutely no flights generated.

Are the both airports close to each other?
It is a known small issue (not only in this version) that a route for medium aircraft not show cause it is really short - let’s say MUC - ZRH as example

I mean, there are no flights at all. Absolutely no flights from Germany to Switzerland or from Austria to Switzerland. With either small or medium aircraft…

And I remember playing last last year when this was not an issue.

In your case even longer distances?

Yes, there are absolutely none. I tried with two custom airlines, one with tweaked aircraft and one without.