Misaligned aircraft when parking at stand

Didn’t know where to put fun stuff.
Loaded in my game, and it didn’t load properly, or it is this pilots first day on the job :smiley: hahah.


There’s variation in how the planes park, which is done intentionally. They don’t always line up perfectly with the pavement markings. But I do agree that the one in your picture is a bit extreme, I’ve seen it happen once in my games where it’s been close to 45 degrees.

Definitely not a bug. :smiley:

Drunk pilot strikes again :joy:


If he’s drunk, the Airport NON police did a good job at not showing up :wink: Haha.

Yeah, this is a known issue that happens usually when the FPS is not that smooth… :stuck_out_tongue: … since it’s strictly a visual bug it’s not very high prio at this point.

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