Miller's New Airport (Remote Stands & New Runway Exit Version)

So a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to with this game recently. Basically nothing, and here is why:

Have you ever ate something right before getting a nasty flu then haven’t been able to eat it for a long time? Well, the same thing happened to me with this game. At the beginning of the summer I was on a pretty big ACEO binge, then I got the worst summer stomach flu I’ve ever had. Once I got better the thought of even booting up ACEO made me nauseous. It sucked.

I kept reading the dev logs & kept track of some updates and I knew that I’d give it another try once the devs released a new big update. So, this weekend when they released the latest various I gave it a try and no more ACEO aversion!

I uninstalled ACEO and gave it a clean install for the newest version and I’m back to square one. Below is my new airport:

Pretty basic right now. I’ve got a well organized runway and I’m real close to clearing the debt from the loan I borrowed to get everything up and running. I’m making about 35K a day on just GA (They hate my airport though, all my prices are jacked up). One I am in the black I’ll be expanding to include a terminal and turn probably to or three of my GA stands into remote stands so I can get some commercial going.