Miller's Airport

I’ve been experimenting with a few different layouts and haven’t been real compelled to share my airport in a thread ever; however, I am really pleased with how my airport was progressing and I shared a screenshot of a new Delta jet that I was using and I was asked to share more about my airport. I’ll show a couple of sneak peaks and will try and update as things progress.

Nice little Delta hub terminal

My check-in & security area; think that is sufficient?


Awesome, thanks for sharing.

I like that you didn’t stick with the boring dark grey and went for some patterns

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So pleased you’ve shaved. Wonderful.

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I used it as a 2nd level after the generic as sort of a just-in-case situation. But from what I have seen so far is that the generic station never misses any. I assume that most airports always have a security check with an actual person as the last defense in terms of scanning bags.

What was wrong with my beard??

Also, some bad news. I think my save is broken so I’ll be restarting Brookings Airport from scratch. I am planning on updating the progress of my airport here.


LOL, :persevere: ooops, that should have been shared. :rofl:


Fresh Start

I restarted my Brookings Airport build on extreme difficulty.

All airports must start somewhere. I am starting with the standard one runway with four small stands; all grass. I wanted to jump-start my commercial service with a small airline so I took out a 250k loan after my first 250k was spend on basic infrastructure. It didn’t take long for me to set up the tiniest terminal you have ever seen and had my first flight come in.

Great Lakes Airlines flight 432, a mashup of what will be my Embraer 120 mod and a DHC-6. I just replaced both components of the DHC-6 with my fuseloge & tail of my Embraer. The wings are not part of that livery file so I could not replace that part of the plane. I can’t wait for Steam Workshop & custom airplane capability.

Next thing is just clearing my debt and working on setting up a few other GA stands to work on my cash flow.

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We have gone through a big renovation. Prepared for some larger commercial service once I get the terminal operational.

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Anyone else use staff zones to force PAX to use your designed walkways?


Fully operational at the new terminal:


Great looking airport with a lot of interesting design hacks!

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You can Cross runways? Awesome…

Like that idea! Never used it, was trying different things with plants and benches but that never worked out great.

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I am beginning to fill out the terminal structure and things are getting a bit more detailed:


The design on the corners with the medium stands looks cool!


The staff zoned rooms near checkin are awesome :slight_smile:.

Only weird the queues for PAX are not used.

So, in that first picture, that is actually the PAX leaving check-in to the left. That have already gone through the queue line at that point.

I am thinking about messing with the queue lines though, they are not big enough and I am having lines out the door. Also, I don’t know if I’m satisfied with PAX cutting across other lines to leave the checkin area, so I’ve got an idea in my head of how to fix that problem. Just gotta do it now, lol.

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I once used plants and staff zoned area’s to mark outgoing paths of check-in desks, the problem however, the moment a person leaves the object “check-in desk”, the person is not bound to zoning. (thats why staff and PAX will jump walls from objects to close to walls too) and I have a feeling that was the problem with wandering people on stands too. So, design with that in mind.

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I’m once again amazed by your creativity!


A great good looking and highly detailed airport.