MHL Int’l Airport Plan

I made this “map” for MHL Int’l Airport, construction on T1 Started yesterday, so I hope to see you at the opening😄

PS. oh and yes the airport is based on Changi Airport’s T2 and T3. And how I wish we could add custom logo made one as you can see at the top of the map but can’t use it. Ohh and maybe the devs could add multi level parking

Terminal 1’s Main Building, Stands and Runway is completed after 4 game years, still don’t have any interior design ideas.

So I’m out of sandbox mode and this is what I’ve built for the past 5 days

I made this General Aviation Terminal the one on the east side of Terminal 1, and that’s where I’ve been getting my income to build terminal 1, don’t know if that GA terminal will be used though so I put the Executives office minus the administrators. Also redesigned Terminal 1’s main building


Customs airport logos are possible. Do you already have one?

Looking forward to see more.


I made a custom logo which is the one on the top of the map, yet I don’t know how to put it in game :sweat_smile:

I hope you know that you can use no construction, so everything builds instantly

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Ohhh I did not know that :sweat_smile: :joy: , Thank you for letting me know

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looks great, just saw this after I wrote you some tips on your other topic. Keep it up, love the map!

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