Mein airport

Im tired…



Btw that is 2 pictures in one, Sorry if some parts are fucked up have been working on this since 10pm and now it is 2:30 am… Goodnight ppl!

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Such a Beautiful masterpiece. :sweat_smile: Better than my li’l airport which took AGES. Time’s to improve my building technique, then

Such an impressive taxiway system!! Looks great from up above :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve just migrated this to the Airport Designs sub-forum.

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Thanks, The airport itself is long away from done. Aswell as the taxiways. Btw thanks daniel for correcting my mistake!

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Earl, Do not build an airport like this. It is extremely inefficent and will lag. It takes like 5 seconds to place down anything. + the planes are more confused than I am.

Looks great! Can imagine you have a lot of lag, there are a lot of items that need to be calculated by the system.

Do you have some close ups of the terminal itself? Would love to see how you solved check-in, security and bagage handling. Or is that all still WIP?

@puma hey, go to the topic Dysiebro airport. I’ve updated the pics and more. I was unhappy with the name so I made a new one and other things aswell.