Medium Stand - Vehicle Requirements

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Quick kinda question here, are there benefits on a medium stand, to having a 2nd one of each vehicle? I’m assuming 2nd stairs aren’t yet supported but can none the less be allocated which is understandable in a pre-release.

Is there a benefit to a 2nd belt loader and baggage cart?

Similarly for large stands? whilst second stairs seem to work great, is there a use for other additional vehicles?

(just to clarify, I keep Catering, Cleaning, De-Ice, Airside Bus and Service Vehicles away from stands, that isn’t the issue I am querying)

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There is no benefit. Medium stands do require only one vehicle per type. The second stair isn’t implemented for medium planes.

Thanks for clarifying,

Hopefully in the future released we might see rear steps supported on medium stands judging by the painted walkways on the ground :slight_smile:

Just checking, if a second baggage truck is asigned and the arrival baggage got held up on it’s way or at the baggage sorting bay, would the second truck then go to pick up the departure baggage to avoid a delay? Rare situation just curious but have struggled to test this.


I think the second baggage truck would be helpful, as the system fetches a nearby baggage truck, not sure if it prioritises one free at the moment though.

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I doubt that double stair trucks or cargo loading for medium aircraft will be a thing as it goes against the current fundamental principle or large aircraft being serviced by two service vehicles (except for ULD loaders) and all other by one. This is a typical tycoon delimitation we have in place to keep complexity down and comprehension of what servicing larger aircraft means up.


Thanks, it’s not something i’m trying to promote the request of. More just looking to understand if it has any benefit mainly the second or spare baggage trucks if the arrival baggage route gets held up.

Will rear steps be supported however in future?


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