Medium Stand baggage loader stuck

This has happened several times and it always happens on medium stands (And I only have one). I have plenty of ramp agents and vehicles to cope with demand.

However, the baggage loader seems to stick to the aircraft and won’t load baggage. On small stands where there is no loader, all is well.

Attached a pic showing the stuck aircraft, fully boarded and ramp agents happily walking around.

I turned commercial flights off after the plane was stuck for a day.

Did the luggage truck make it from the bay?

Yes. The service truck comes and goes without getting stuck.

Does it come for both the collection and dropoff or only collection? Your answer to Rubble isn’t quiet clear about that.

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I’d also look to see if the luggage is making its way from the check in desk to the bays and being loaded.

Yes both collection and drop off are being serviced by the service trucks. I have a truck for each stand Like I said, baggage works fine for the small stands which are adjacent

I cannot remove the aircraft from the stand otherwise I’d try again.

Have you tried the dismiss aircraft icon when you click the stand?

That worked! I am going to run a few aircraft without the baggage loader and see how that goes and whether they get stuck

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The belt loader is only dismissed when the pushbacktruck actually starts his job, but the pushback also waits to do so untill all flights that landed prior to his arrival at the stand have passed the taxiway he’s pushing the plane onto. Does that make sense for you seeing the truck stay there?

I reported this in a bug about a week ago. I also noticed that it happens to me when my ramp agents are extra diligent and arrive before the belt loader. They will manually unload, and the then belt loader will show up, and this is when I noticed it got hung up. My bet is that the process is getting hung up by the arrival of the belt loader, and the conversion of “how” the baggage is unloaded. Waiting on the devs to investigate.

I can confirm this observation, I had it too.

Additionally I observed only one suitcase being unloaded by the belt loader (where it was in position before ramp agents started unloading) but this suitcase didn’t stop but moved on and on over the ground. This caused unloading to hang up too.

Reported both observations too.

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I am experiencing this as well. I also witnessed a bag floating through the terminal, seemingly from the baggage claim area, back to the baggage loader.

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I just saw the floating baggage too.

Hi everyone. This bug has been reported many times. I’m sure the developers are working the fix this. In the mean time, just wait for them to fix the issue.
Keep calm
Carry On!

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Ok. this isn’t only an anomaly to me. I had started to make preparations to reintroduce them into the airport, but that seems to be a bad choice for now. I’ll sell them all and put it off for a bit. Thanks.

Okay, but it’s a pretty serious bug because if baggage tasks can’t be cleared for a flight, the flight and ramp agents just sit there doing nothing until the the flight is manually dismissed. If you have 30+ stands like me, it can become quite a job to spend your entire game-play time manually dismissing flights that have become frozen. So I agree patience is nice but it’s quite central to game play.

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As a workaround you can sell the belt loader trucks, until it’s fixed.

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