Medium Stand Auto Planner Not Working

The Auto planner refuses to work for my medium stands, but it works just fine for the Small Stands. Ive tried turning off auto planner then turning it back on, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any Ideas?


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Can you take a printscreen of a selected medium stand? (zoning enabled)

And a printscreen of your flight planner?

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Have you turned the planner part on through flight planner?

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Here are the pics.

The first one is before I had opened up B3 and B4, and the second one is 3 hours after I opened the stands. Notice that Olympus, OkAir, Crown, Skyfly, and Zoom(Not Visible) all have potential flights. Also, how does the negotiation system work for airlines again?


Click on the little cog icon and see if it’s enabled. Auto planner can be per stand now.

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Yeah, the reason I did not suggest that, is that you can see the computer icon, which should mean it is controlled by the auto-planner.

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But what is it set to?

When not auto-planner controlled, that icon is not there, let me boot a game.

But if the other stands can handle all of the flights offered? I don’t use AP that often as I prefer to manual plan but, you know…

Look, I excluded my emergency stands from the auto-planner, no computer.

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