Medium sized planes serviced on large stands cannot take of from medium runway

Medium sized planes serviced on large stands cannot take of from medium runway, on the picture below i have large stands on the left side (the planes do not depart if the large runway does not allow medium planes, they get an exclamation mark saying cannot find a runway). on the other hand the right side is full of medium planes, these planes and the small planes have no problem crossing the large runway in order to reach the medium runway and take of.
I tryed submiting a bugreport, but it doesnot work.


Does the large runway allow medium planes?
And what setting do you use for runway distribution?

The large runway does not allow medium planes. This does not seem to matter as the planes from the right side of the terminal, that are serviced on medium stands, still use the medium runway and cross the large runway to get to it. This is shown on the very first picture. Medium stand C3 is clicked and the departure and arrival runways are shown (the lowest medium runway is colored purple for departure, the central medium runway is blue for arrivals the large runway is red for not available).
On the other hand in the second picture the large stand D03 is clicked and you can see that this time the lower medium runway is red even though in both cases the runway settings are the same.
This is why i think that it has something to do with the stand and not runway settings.

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