Medium/large gate with 2 story jetway conection

Feature request title:

jetway with 2 story connection to terminal


in many airports there are 2 storys where people can board / deboard for example people may boaed on floor 2 and deboard on floor 1.

Why it should be implemented:

it should be implemented because it can make more airport designs possible but also can add realism for example i was in Manchester airport and I boarded on the second floor and went down some stairs inside the jet way then boarded the plane when coming back i went off the plane and went straight to the first floor

Images, references or additional content:

the tall gray buildings with windows on top is the place with the stairs

You can do this by just making a little boarding area on floor one, but your main seating area is on floor 2 :slightly_smiling_face:. I don’t think this will happen, as the devs are shooting for the 1.0 release and squashing bugs and balancing. But maybe I will be surprised? :sweat_smile:

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when ever i do something like that i find my terminal becomes cramped or it just dosn’t look nice


Thats true

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