Maximum offered airline contracts [SOLVED]


I downloaded some airline mods which are not showing up in the offered contracts list. The maximum seems to be 28.

Is there a maximum of mods or airlines which can be offered? Or is there a workaround to get more contracts offered?

Thanks for any help!

We think the maximum is around 150.
Do you use mods/packages called “Mod Manager” or “ACEOMM”? We know some of them have issues and they are very outdated.

Ya, don’t use ACEOMM anymore, very outdated, needs to be updated, but I don’t think that’s going to happen

Thanks for your help!

I do not have one of those mods installed. I have 58 airline mods installed, of which max. 28 airlines show up in the game. If the airline mod contains several liveries, then these are offered in separate contracts on-top of the 28. With the Default airlines enabled, they exceed the 28 contracts as well.

It really looks like the mod airlines are capped to 28 in my case. Have you been able to get more then 28 airline mods showing up?

Yes, that’s possible, I play with up to 50 airlines and many more shops and other modded businesses.

So somewhere you have a broken one.

Or: your airport rating is too low. Since recently, contracts request a minimum rating of the airport.

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I’d venture a guess the airlines not showing up to be related to your airport rating?

The airport rating could be indeed an issue. I was not aware of this.

My airport, as it is closed, has a three star rating. I will check if the other airlines will offer contracts as soon the rating goes up. Otherwise I will get back here.

Thanks for that tip!

If you want, you can check in the Workshop/mod folder of Steam at the missing airlines if they need a higher rating.

Es example, this airline has a BusinessClass of 4, means it’s a 5 star contract. (0=1, 4=5) So it won’t appear as long your airport is below 5 stars.

Ow, wow!! That did the trick. You were right and by now I am also getting the 4 star airlines :wink: .

Thanks for your help!

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Well, you’ve already exploded my awareness of the file architecture for mods, can you answer me this question though…



It’s turned on, where would I look to find the setting that is keeping it from being recognized in the game? This used to work spectacularly, now… just doesn’t. Probably not being maintained, or lots of changes now with the terminal update. Thoughts @andyc?

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I found a bunch of stuff. I may or may not be able to update this entire file structure. It’s actually really small data files, just a lot of tedious.

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