Maxed out General aviation?

I have an airport with 60 small GA stands because I wanted to try GA only. There’s no commercial anything. Only about 1/3rd of stands are ever used.

Had two runways, so figured I’d build a third - no difference. There are no flights in the patterns.
Upgraded to medium ATCT - no difference.

I see this isn’t new - General Aviation Max (2.5 year old post)

You are correct, the amount of GA aircraft that will want to use your airport is based on the GA rating and caps out at around 20-ish

Thanks Ruben; that’s disappointing. It would be nice if it scaled if you have the infrastructure, that way you can make a GA-only airport.

I believe @Olof once pointed out the max of ga flights was made dependant on the amount of runways.but i can’t find it back. Is this correct Olof?

I feel like there should be a maximum to the amount of flights, because the game is ultimately centered around commercial aviation and it should push you towards that somehow. That doesn’t however mean that 20 is the correct maximum, I would personally scale it up towards 40 or so but that is up to the developers to decide.

I disagree that the game has to be centered around commercial flight. I mean, obviously it is, and that’s great, but I don’t see any reason from either a developer-resources or gameplay perspective for the restriction of not allowing a GA-only airport of any real size (beyond what the ATCT can handle). From a dev perspective GA is basically “done” as far as I can see (other than getting it to adhere to ATCT possibly).

Knocked up a quick test airport to see about the runway-count hypothesis:

  • 80 small pads
  • full size ATCT
  • refueling
  • All concrete
  • Airport GA rating ~97%

With that as the base:

  • 1 runway = ~10 aircraft at a time. ~50-60 GA flights a day - clearly constrained by the single runway as I have flights in the runway pattern.

  • 2 runways (1/1) = ~20 aircraft at a time. No congestion whatsoever.

  • 6 runways (3/3) = still ~20 aircraft.

So two runways = twice one, but after that it’s a wash.

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