Map size options?

You unclock the size of new parts of the map but clicking the unlock button.

Is there a official method to lock an unlocked map part though?

If there isn’t, @Olof and @Fredrik can we please add this in.

No, there isn’t one official method by the devs as of now…but you can expand by editing the save files.

And for the add in, maybe they wait until the game has been stable enough for expanding the map.

@Jas Just out of curiosity, why would you want to lock a former unlocked land piece? What is the use case?

@Earl_of_Arland Please be aware that expanding the map through the save game is not supported and not recommended, it can cause (high) performance issues and unknown bugs which makes it very hard to track if these bugs come from updates or the map extension.

Perhaps the hope of getting 750,000K money back that he paid for it if unintentionally unlocked?

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Hi puma.

At some point I must of expanded to the left, for an unknown reason, and as I won’t be expanding to the left I’d rather it be locked again.

Hopefully helps with the performance too. :slight_smile:

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