Manually spawning emergencies

Hey airport ceo forum members!
i wonder how can i manually spawn emergencies, i know that i must use F9 but i just simply don’t know the code of it

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prompt incident [1-8]
test incident [9-16]

1-8 are those with action and 9 to 16 are the economical incidents.
The game has to run for a few ingame hours before they work.

Also: Using F9 disables the achievements for your savegame. If you want to keep them, make sure you create a 2nd savegame for your incident tests.


so from i got, i type for example prompt incident [1] in f9 coloms to make it happen

I think you don’t do the brackets, just 1 (or any other number)

ok i’ll try it later

Yeah just the number.

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