Manually assign tasks

Make it possible to manually assign a task to a vehicle or staff.
Not sure if that has been requested before, if not: why not?
I know you’re out of votes, but sometimes things get implemented anyway…

Sometimes you have a vehicle and you want it to do something now, like a fuel truck going to refill (because you want to move the fuel depot and empty it) or a PSA doing the boarding now (which is abandoned for some reason and it’s about time to board it).
At the moment, there’s nothing you can do but stare at the screen.
This feature would allow you to click on a vehicle or staff and click on “assign task” and you would get a list of existing tasks (just like the vehicle/employees job tasks) plus some new tasks to create.
If you choose an already assigned task, it will be re-assigned to that vehicle/employee (after you confirmed).
There should be a list of tasks that can be created (see examples above).
In both cases, the vehicle/employee would drop their actual task.
Additionally, there is a “stop” button that make them drop their task without taking another task.
Thus abandoned tasks will return to the backlog of “Jobs available”

Why it should be implemented:
To have more control of what is done according to YOUR priorities. After all, the CEO is the BOSS.

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