Manual check-in desk / baggage drop off assignment

Manual check-in desk / baggage drop off assignment

I would love to see the ability to assign multiple check-in desks and/or bagage drops per flight. It feels a bit weird to have an array of desks / drop offs, but only opening one for a flight. Sure, it looks realistic (half of the airport being vacant with one single desk having a queue that’s miles long), but I think we should be able to decide if we want to put our passengers in that scenario for ourselves.

Edit: It turns out the game already automatically assigns 1 desk per 75 passengers, but I’d still like a manual version.


The way I would implement this:
Add a new screen, called something like “desk assignment”. To start off with, you can set the number of check-in desks and/or baggage drop offs depending on the size of aircraft (so for example 1 for a small aircraft, 3 for medium, and 5 for large). As an upgrade - something that needs to be researched - an option could be added where you can assign desks / drop offs based on the number of boarding passengers, something like “x desks / drop offs per 10 passengers”.

Why it should be implemented:

It would give us more freedom in managing our airport flows, and an extra challenge of keeping up with requirements. Once this is working, something like turnaround time adjustment could also be implemented, so if you have a very efficient airport, you could decrease turnaround time and increase throughput.

For medium-large flights, it’s already the case that the game assigns two check-in desks (so technically four desks) than 1.

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A check in desk handles 75 passengers. When a plane has more than 75 pax, a second one, third one etc will opened.

The calculation changes then baggage drops are in use. Then boarding desks are 2nd priority and open only when there aren’t enough drop offs available.

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I kinda figured something like that had to be implemented, given that I’m only up to medium aircrafts, and already noticing some inefficiencies. Still, manually assigning them would be a nice feature to have.

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