Mandatory Baggage Scanners

Will we ever HAVE to get the baggage scanned? Right now I never put any security scanners because it changes absolutely NOTHING! I really don’t understand why they are in the game if they dont even do anything besides destroy some bags.

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Dont’t worry, the next update is going to be all about game mechanics, including the consequences of not having a secure baggage system.


It could be in alpha 36 and not alpha 34

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It’s also required to unlock tier three flights which bring more revenue per flight. I too suspect the next update will bring a few changes to this mechanic as well.

I didn’t know the unlock because ive always played on sandbox, but yes, we really do need an other purpose for them.

i believe in don’t panic they will change some of these things it only makes sense

Alpha 34 brings a very real purpose to scanning stuff, along with basically everything else! :slight_smile:


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