Male AND Female CEOs

Honestly, I feel like there should be male and female CEOs. I don’t know what the playerbase will be like, but I will imagine that there would be some females that want to play the game as well! As future airport CEOs, I feel like they should be included as well!!

With that in mind, I would love to see female CEOs, as well as customization for them, and I would even love to see more female staff members in the game too.

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I hope the game’s focus is on great features that have to do with running an airport and not an advanced customizer for your CEO person which, as this is a 2D top-down game probably isn’t much more than this


Obviously the game will have great Futures, but some people will be happy to know that there is something in there for everyone.

I do think there should be little things just not the regular plop and get airlines. I would love to see a lot of little things but I think we should get to the basics first. Getting that out the way and then released. After that than we could see more in updates like prison architect. Looking how the game was released in its first state and seeing how it is transformed now is amazing and I hope Airport CEO does it same way releasing it when the basics are there and allowing us to see and be apart of the transition of the game.

I definitely agree!! I just feel like my suggestion should be something in the beginning game. I feel like it’d be one of those nice touches, yanno?

I agree but also the more they add the more time will be set back that is why I would want them to do the basic’s and then after that we could worry about other’s in future updates. Cause if they did everything we asked I would imagine that it would surpass the new release date in 2017.

I agree with the sentiment that the customisation of the CEO is a minor point.

But this is the 21st Century. I think it is essential that female CEOs are included. It’s a small thing to add that won’t alienate 50% of the population!

When you create your CEO, there is no option to select a gender (as seen in the gameplay trailer) since there wouldn’t be any point in implementing something that doesn’t have any functional effect on the gameplay. However, in the CEO avatar creator, there are (and always has been) a number of different face types, components and hair styles which will represent all kinds of different people regardless of gender.

The avatar composition on game launch (when you create a new game) is randomly generated, so just because the avatar happened to resemble a male that time doesn’t mean that the game won’t include equal representation of all people! :slight_smile:


Brilliant. I don’t think you do need a gender per se but it’s good to have an option to make the character look male or female.

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I most definitely didn’t mean to be rude at all, but I felt like it was something that should be added if it wasn’t! I felt like honestly, everyone should be included if that makes sense.

I don’t think you came across as rude! This is indeed an important question, and it was good that it was raised since there hasn’t been a lot of showcasing of this feature. Equal representation is very important for us as developers, but that’s not perhaps the case when it comes to the overall gaming industry, so it was indeed good to be brought up. We want everyone to play ACEO and therefore everyone will be able to depict themselves (in more or less detail of course…).

Thank you for agreeing with me! I wasn’t sure how it would be taken, to be honest!

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I’m sorry for bringing this topic back up, but are there going to be other models for passengers in the airport? Will we actually see who’s male and female and what not? I feel like it would add some more variety to the game… I understand that the game is a top-down game, but I’m just curious.

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