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Just curious @Olof and @Fredrik or anyone else able to answer, what are going to be the main ways to make money in the game? Will it be through shops (rent and profit sharing) or through aircraft landing fees, handling fees and fuel(profit sharing) or airline (terminal usage fees, gate rental fees)? I suppose all could be way to make money just curious though.

Also, will shops employee their own employees or well we have to hire them?

Quick answer:

Will get back with a little more in about half a day if no one else steps in (time for me to sleep)

Also, as per gameplay vid 3, shops and food kiosks are staffed by the company that you sign the contract with, not your airport staff. (Same with contractors)

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Thank you! And yes I remember that in third video now! Can we just play already :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Since I did not find any thread dedicated to this, and seeing as I have the time, I thought I would list out the income/expense avenues that I have noticed (upto devlog 79)

You pay for cost of materials and per contract employee per hour that you call to your airport.
You don’t earn anything as far as I know.

You pay to construct and maintain all the infrastructure - Runways, taxiways, stands, depots, roads, ATC tower etc
You don’t earn anything as far as I know.

You pay fuel supplier to provide you fuel, pay for the refuelling truck/s and their maintenance, and fuel depot.
You earn from providing fuel to aircrafts. The price of fuel can be set indepdently for JetA1 and AVGas.

You pay for setting up your entire baggage system (conveyors, scanners, etc) and their maintenance, ramp agents, baggage trucks and their maintenance.
You don’t earn anything specifically from baggage handling as far as I know, but having it allows you to sign higher rated contracts.

Passenger handling
You pay for infrastructure (bus stops, drop off/pick up), info desks, check in desks, security checks, boarding desks and staff for them, toilets, gate seating.
You earn passenger handling fees per passenger from airlines and bathroom usage charges per use from passengers.

General Aviation
You pay for the infrastructure (already covered)
You earn landing fees, parking fees and for turnaround services (just fuel at the moment)

Commercial Flights
You pay for the infrastructure (already covered), and possibly penalty for failing to complete a contract.
You earn landing fees (can be set indepdently for small, medium and heavy aircraft), passenger handling fees, fixed payment per flight as specified in the contract, for turnaround services (just fuel at the moment, but catering, cleaning and de-icing are planned) and bonus for completing a contract.

Shopping and Food
You pay for the necessary items that need to be provided (display shelves, cash counter, etc)
You earn rent per sq.m. as specified in the contract, a percent cut from each sale made (there is also a modifier where you can increase/decrease prices by a fixed percentage for all shopping items or all food items), and a bonus for completing the contract.

You can take loans from banks, and repay them with interest.

Other than the reasons mentioned above as to why you need them, each staff member expects a different salary (based on their strengths). There is a modifier available where you can increment / decrement all staff salaries by fixed percentage.

If i missed anything, let me know and I will add it in.

As for future planned features:
You can hire a CFO, so at some point, that will open new avenues.
Catering, plane cleaning and de-icing as mentioned above will have cost of vehicles and staff, and you earn by providing these services.
Parking is planned, so there will be cost of construction vs parking fees charged.
Cargo is planned so cost of forklifts, warehouse etc vs material handling fees per object and turnaround services.
Grants and bonuses from Government, Aviation Authority
Airplane hangars and maintenance


I am really awed by the fact that u spend so much effort writing those lonng answers.

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A really complete and well-summarised prospect. Compliments! :slight_smile:

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Hmm I wonder why taxation is not there, even though that could be one of the money sinkhole.

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You’re absolutely right. It is something that I did not see in any of the videos (probably because the devs never scroll through the expenses section in any of the videos, so it is possibly hidden at the lower end of the list)
It is quite a majoe expense like you said. Unlikely the devs missed it or left it out.

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