Making money is too easy

I would suggest to increase the difficulty of making money (profit).

At the very beginning when you are a GA airport, it is difficult enough but then when you have medium aircraft commercial flight it is too easy and the game becomes boring.

I would prefer a (always) challenging game on the statistic and economy side. What do you think?

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the problem is that in real life is also something lucrative. unless you add the competition system example london has 3 airports then it would be more difficult as you would have to give a reason to choose your airport

Lol, its more about economic balance. Several people posted about that already. Let me give a few insights I had while playing the game;

Not investing in baggage seems more rewarding, as investing it.
Security at baggage belts is even a gimmick without consequences atm.
Dont put money in it, until you have left over money.

The number of contracts for an airliner should be different from current (high) numbers.
As idea; put a 20 flights limit on a contract, until you can provide services for 2 star flights.
Put a 40 flights limit on a contract, until you can provide 4 star flights.

Starve contracts that are under 25% service level; have them retracted by the carrier and keep them out of the relisting queue for a year.

I would prefer a (always) challenging game on the statistic and economy side.

Yes, a lot, I have a post on this already;

In short; you cant run an economic interesting airport due to constraints in asset management (treasury management, objects, staff, vehicles, path-finding-AI, splitting operational zone reach for moving agents (staff/vehicles/planes/cars)). Multi-floor terminals and road tunnels would increase options for managing pathways a lot already.

Before you make money due to gushing profit, you can run your airport into debt forever; you should be able to go bankrupt (loose the level). Base bankruptcy on a one 1 year turnover limit; this means you have 1 year to get out of debt.

Bankruptcy could be even more interesting when you play with more economically logical loans; base them on turnover, not on start.

Anyone here remember the Bonds / Shares model in Railroad Tycoon II (still on steam), that was an awesome way to finance your business (and take risk, even bankruptcy risks)?

There are really a lot of “simple” options to make the game economically more interesting.

I would also like to point out that we still lack the element of breakdowns, like computer failure and snow closing the runway, or even getting sued? Or bomb threat? Haha, then you’ll be happy you have some extra money for those bad days that will set you back a few millions.

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I feel that its more so a lack of other systems in the game rather then the economy in it. @Megahenrik Brings up a good point with the incidents he lists. There would have to be systems, plans and personnel in place to prevent those events, and all that would suck some money out of your account. I’m pretty sure the devs do want to add random incidents like that eventually, It’s probably not at the top of their priority list thought…

If you ask me the issue isn’t necessarily the economy, but the current lack of everything else in the game it was built for. All that is needed is time for the devs to get all of these features into the game.

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