Make Windows "Click and Drag"

When trying to build an “airy” terminal with lots of natural light and having a feeling of openness, I have trouble making the walls 100% window. Instead of having preset window lengths, I think we should be able to click and drag windows to fit between doors, like walls.


That is an awesome idea!

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Then what if I want to make a combination of walls and windows? That would make it rough to build windows with even space with walls on a long terminal foundation.

Unless there is copy paste feature like Prison Architect have.

I assume that you can just built a foundation with walls, place your doors and then ‘click and drag’ the windows over the walls you want to replace. Or remove the walls and drag windows instead, depending on how it’s developed.

I think it would be great to have click and drag window placing like we can now with walls.

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You could build walls beforehand and then click and drag the parts you want to replace with windows

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