Make a distinction between inland flights and other destinations

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Make a distinction between inland flights and other destinations


This is something about handling luggage and customs especially during the early phases of the game. As we pick an airport location at the beginning - which is obviously tied to a country - we could have customs be necessary only, if the flight leaves the country. So maybe it could be possible to have inland flights where the passengers will not only travel with small luggage only, but also do not need to pass security as well. Turnaround times might be small as well as with small distances several services are not needed often. Catering for instance or refueling might not be necessary. Those flights could turn up in the early stages of the game without putting too much stress onto the player building infrastructure. Everything could be done at a single check-in desk and a waiting hall while pieces of luggage would be weighted and transported to the plane directly. It is a bit between GA and small CA flights. The CA could still be done with the GA planes in terms of size, but players could start very simple with a terminal with a waiting area, a luggage scales and a check-in desk and start flight operations on regional level while taking his/her time to adapt to CA flights on a larger scale. Add in some airlines which have those small machines only and have turnaround be only 30min to 1h to provide a small income at early stages. It is also quite realistical as such small airfields exist which are directed by even one or two regional airlines only. In Germany, we find these e.g. at the north sea coast connecting the islands with main land or connecting large cities with the capital like Frankfurt - Berlin although these might have larger planes. But still: small inland flights should not really go through customs.

Why it should be implemented:

It adds a bit more fluff and helps the player immerse with the process of turning a small airfield into an international airport over time. This would be a small milestone for the player going from GA to commercial operations without the need to put too much money into the airfield. Maybe interesting as well for people starting at hard difficulty as money is scarce.

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Take a look at FLN airline or think about charter flights in general with Cessna-type/class aircraft having a small impact onto your passenger numbers.


You mean commuter flights correct? It should be noted that aircraft in the game should have a certain amount of seats to determine whether or not the passengers of those said flights need to pass through to all important security check. For example, a small Cessna which is smaller than the 208 caravan could have the passengers not pass through security. But, aircraft larger than the Cessna 208 must pass through security.

As an addition, there should be distinction made here between security checks and passport control. Security checks are, as far as I know, almost always necessary unless the flight is private or the passengers have been screened prior to flying. Passport control on the other hand only needs to happen when you cross a border to another country, with exception of the Schengen zone and possibly other similar zones.

I do frequently hear passengers boasting about not having showed their passports when flying inside the Schengen zone. Apparently people find it normal to drive from Amsterdam to Barcelona without showing identification but flying the same distance without identification is weird to them.

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