Major issues that I've noticed at high speed

All of these are problems I’ve come across when running a very big airport.
All of these problems only exist/get much worse at the top game speed.

  • Planes have to go around far more often
  • Security officers don’t staff the Tier 3 scanners (allowing dangerous baggage to reach aircraft)
  • Vehicles stop moving properly causing tailbacks (don’t speed up when game speed increases)
  • People don’t buy from shops/food outlets
  • Auto-planner doesn’t always work properly (large stands don’t always get flights assigned to them even when available)
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As you mention these issues happen on a very large airport run at high speed which inevitably will transfer to high performance load. We’re aware of the issue and will during the beta period do an extensive optimization that’ll serve to alleviate some of the strain and try to get it running better.


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