Major Graphics Issues

Hi All,
Love the game and concept but after starting to build a medium site, my games graphics go mad and it becomes unplayable!. I save and reload but to no avail and I lose the will to live so start again. I thought it was because of using F10, but in my latest game, I didn’t use it and issues still were there. I have HP laptop with a AMD Radeon 6600 graphics card and things like Football Manager work excellent well with 3d play.

Hey , i think in your case its an RAM issue :slight_smile: how much RAM do your Laptop have ?
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I have 8GB of internal ram and have a Radeon graphics card.

Do you have the most current drivers for you graphics card? That has caught me on some games before.

I’m assuming a 2gb ram Radeon?


Yeah, this is indeed a weird issue. We have seen no other indication of this error with any other user so I would guess that it is hardware (or driver) related as mentioned here.

In best case: Your GPU Driver is broken
worst case: 3D Accelleration is not working, due to your broken GPU

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