Maintenance hub


It would be pretty interesting to be able to make a complete maintenance hub where you’re able to accept contracts to maintain, upgrade, store and repair aircraft.

It’d be similar to EASA’s Part-145 - Maintenance organisation approvals.
EASA’s website

I’m aware that this is quite a big thing so maybe a simplified version where you’d have a hangar and some contracts and would have to hire people with Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence certifactions.

Maybe add in a depot where you could store parts and have the parts be delivered by manufacturer which you’d have to sign a contracts with and have it be delivered like how building equipment is delivered.

Another thing you could do is sign a contract with a part-145 certified company and let them rent your hangars.

You could use Fokker Aircraft Services as an example.

This would be good to automatically repair gates and runways at night.

This is regarding aircraft maintenance, not airport maintenance.

“-to maintain, upgrade, store and repair aircraft.”

Repair trucks for Aircraft
Repair trucks to re surface runways/taxiways

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