Maintaining Electricity, Water and Sewage

Maintaining Electricity and Water


Maintaining the airports electricity and water would make managing the airport more realistic. You would place down cables and generators to power the airport, and place down pipes and pumps for water. An example of this would be from Prison Architect.


A really good idea. But some people might not like it. A possible realistic mode? Passengers are more demanding and other possible stuff.


Fire suppression system sounds like a really good idea.


Maybe emergency doors? The type of doors used specifically in emergency situations.


If I’m correct emergencies so like fire will be in alpha 35 so fire trucks will become a thing

alpha 36

My tension with things like this is how much of this game is actually managing the airport and how much is designing it. I expect to see a difference between prisonARCHITECT’s gameplay and airportCEO’s gameplay. Just curious what the devs big goals are because I while I love the “architect” side of this game, I would love to see more “ceo” aspects like more indepth handling of contracts and overall functioning of the airport. Thoughts?

the next release after Big Birds (which is very very soon) will be the game play update, so we will see what they have in store with that as that nears closer and closer. But I a agree, more managing “CEO” stuff would be great! But thats what the “game play” Alpha 34 is for. If you haven’t read about “the future of ACEO” yet, here ya go… @Jman99090

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I agree. I already get bored/tired of integrating baggage handling infrastructure. Adding more layers of tedium after the design/concept phase would take so long to getting to having a fully running airport to manage.

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There has to be a logic behind it, otherwise just dragging and dropping things around airport would feel boring.

Hey, good idea, maybe announcement system like Simairport does

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