Luggage scans -> destroyed bags, nothing happens to the pax

With coming security features, may something should happen to the passengers carrying illegal bags. At the moment, if a bag gets destroyed, the passenger does not care about his bag anymore and follows the normal way to the plane or leaves the airport immediately.

Security should pick those pax out and give them a big fine or arrest them.

Has this been thought about before? So far I understood that this feature of scanning bags would only have a benefit of the overall rating.

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This will be fixed in Alpha 34! :slight_smile:



And when customs gets implemented:
As I see bags with money are separated but then accepted by the security officer…

When an arriving bag which has been scanned contains money, the passenger should pay a VAT fee when he/she crosses customs.

This would add a little extra income which makes players happier.

And to cover all additional security costs, other goods which cost import fees could be implemented. Like cigarettes.

The player should not benefit from that. Seizing stuff is a privilege of the government. As well as getting tax. Instead, the player should be obliged to build the infrastructure for customs, but they are manned with federal agents or equivalent, which are not on our payroll, similar to people manning shops and restaurants.
Not doing something against smuggling, the airport might be excluded from intercontinental flights or receive a bad rating as there are always bad news about your airport connected to crime and police.


If most or all of the running costs are covered by a higher authority I can agree with that. If not, additional incomes are required to keep the game balanced out.

If not having customs established prevents you from having large intercontinental flights, which bring lots of money, then you have your ‘balance’. Not everything needs to be balanced. Open a restaurant? Need to have toilets, even a separate for handicapped people - mandatory by law. Running/initial costs? Owner’s problem. Otherwise he risks being closed or fined by authorities. You will find many examples around you, where you are forced to do something ‘for the greater good’ or having to play it by the book and not earning some cash directly out of it. See it as a prerequisite for something else - like the currently non-functional ATC. Need to build one mandatory. Balance? Not needed here - just logic.

Yeah, but currently in-game, a bag with drugs gets immediately destroyed. I don’t think that such machines exist in real airports. :smiley:

When the bag gets destroyed in the game, the passenger does not see that. But the passenger does not care about his luggage anymore and does not even check the baggace claim for his luggage.

It’s a piece in the game with the destroyer which gives the game a funny touch… but there need to be a penalty for the pax as well… (and if it’s just an electric schock, a stupid hat or whatever… best would be money)

I wondr, if in case of drug trafficking or something similar the PAX cannot be arrested or at least be hindered to travel by authorities? Like ‘send back with next plane’?

I am revving this topic. Great for Alpha 35 I would say. :slight_smile:

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