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I have been testing this further and should have seen at least one passenger in a Lounge by now

Recently I had increased the number of Check In Desks into Baggage Drop
I was able to see the flights they had been assigned
However on adding Baggage the details disappeared
I then noticed the Check In Desks show the flight and “economy”
I therefore decided to swap half of the Baggage Drop back to Check In Desks

Next to the Boarding Desk I installed two Lounges, for two airlines

In the next attempt I widened out the Lounge to include the Boarding Desks
However, the flight completed and left with no passengers!
I then returned the Lounge back to its original

I then added a further two Lounges
Once they had been built I then added a small bathroom

However none of these are used by any passengers :
Information Desk
4 x Sofa
8 x Seat
2 x Table

What next?

Lounges only need an info desk, a buffet and maybe some seatings.
Make sure to assign “any airline” or a defined airline


Also they do operate sadly only from 4am to midnight and only when service agents are at the info desks.

My lounges are pretty filled.

by the way, the “economy” signs at the desks are useless.

ONE and THREE serve British Airways
TWO and FOUR serve ANA All Nippon

I created ONE and TWO first
Yes, they share a single buffet table!

I then created THREE and FOUR
THREE is the one I experimented with
Extended to the Boarding Desk, then revised it back

I have been waiting until all the passengers arrive, then check their Boarding Pass
They are all Class A
I have never seen any other class

Erm… How do you get passengers to use your lounges? I had four allocated to airlines in my previous build and not a soul used them…

… built the lounge and opened it. They came without asking.
And since a few patches ago, toilets within lounges are also used only by valid lounge passengers.

Can you both drop your saves to the Workshop?

I tried in my previous test airport, gave in
This is now really the only thing I have left to test and have working!

I do not use steam (I assume that is what you mean)
Equally, I now have quite a heavily modified version
Want to take a punt and see what happens?
Need instructions on how to upload save to steam

Update -
Logged into steam website, no option to upload
I cannot come out of the current world (at the moment)

Then what do you use? If you did not get the game through Steam, where did you get it from?

How did you modify it? There are no code-based modding improvements, so how?

You upload the game to steam via the load game panel and the little steam icon. There is no website involved

I do not use steam for anything
The IP is denied in the firewall

I purchased ACEO early in December 2021, but steam has been added to the firewall since

Downloaded the Mods from steam
Copied locally
Removed from steam account
Removed all the default Mods and replaced with the downloaded Mods from steam
ACEO now sees them as default
They load much faster

As the last few days have passed I have amended the downloaded Mods
For example
I now have Travelex (Bureau De Change) Before Security and in three Units Airside

I doubt that will work
As above, steam is denied in the firewall
When I start ACEO on my computer it return
“Cannot connect to steam - No updates - Please try later”

Hold on, just checking, could this be a FIRST!?!
THREE - British Airways :
5 Business
8 Business

However, looking at their Boarding Passes they are still Class A
It is the FIRST I have seen, I will take it
It only took like nine game weeks!

Moving on
Commenced testing a Lounge in Terminal Three (the above was in Terminal 2)

Virgin Atlantic have four stands, the most of any (International Terminal 2 and 3)
I have placed the Lounge towards the far end, stands 3 and 4
In this case I have expanded across the footfall area, this works with food and shops, and will compare
In effect passengers from the stands 1 and 2 may not see this, so this will confirm my suspicion

See what happens with this one, just hope it does not take several game days to see some results…

I still do not know why the Lounges in the centre (ONE and TWO) did not work
I have now removed them

I have added further Lounges and these have all worked
It does take a full game day to wait for them to become used
Sadly they only really work as alternative seating, as there does not appear to be any income / sales
However, they appear to work best when the two rows of Large seating nearest the Boarding Desk become full

I then added some to my Domestic Terminal (Terminal One), where the assigned airlines have at least three stands -
easyJet, Ryanair and Logan Air
I had some doubts if these would even work
Equally, I know these airlines really do not offer a Lounge, but why not!
However, the Ryanair Lounge is incredibly busy
Furthermore, adding a connected Cafe appears to have worked

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