Lost passengers - idling

Passengers lost and idling to the outer corner of the airport area. I have not seen who/why these passengers ended up there, but as you can see from the print screens there are a number of passengers there.

Do bug report it though.

I’m getting the same problem. Arriving pax getting stuck and just taking an eternal seat at the gate… Go home damnit!! haha!

Thanks for reporting this, it’s been fixed for Alpha 29.4-3 and will make it’s way to the experimental branch either later today or tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile: looking forward to it

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Though, not sure if that fix will solve those being located down there (should prevent them being transported there). What bug number did you have for this report?

My bug number was ACEO-8837

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Sorry for the late reply, I have experienced it again just posted a new bug #ACEO-10006

Are you on the default version?

And bug number 10000… now that’s something to celebrate! Right? Probably not… :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, on the experimental (29.9-1), and I just started a new game the other day to test.
Well it is a celebration, as long as it is improving the game, if it just was a bunch of bug with no fixes, then it would be another story :slight_smile:

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All right, I will check it out. Do they clear after a while or are they stuck?

Very true! And to that I shall fix also this reported bug. May them all be fixed! :slight_smile:

I am not sure, just noticed when I loaded the game again that a number of the people their were quite a lot of ramp agent (I have not seen that before), but there is also some passengers

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Thanks for the save. I’ve fixed this bug and it will (should) never happen again in the future. I did spend some time on mitigating the existing effects of this bug but it’s never good to write a bunch of code that’ll only be used once in this very specific case.

Update will be out soon on experimental.


Do you add a counter or something in the LOG when “repairing a specific case” applies? So, you can see it later on?

Hi, I just tried it following the deployment of the experimental 29.9-4 release. Now the people are disappeared from the corner, however I miss some ramp agents and when I try to locate them through “Go to Employee” then I am taken to the same corner. So it seems they are still there, just not visible and when I click there I also find some passengers.
For the ramp agents it seems it happens when they try to take the service car back from the remote stand. For the passengers I am not sure, but I found one which had a green arrow for the corner and he was looking for baggage pickup, which I do not have. Just posted a bug report ACEO-10111.

I wrote a small text about this, we tried to mitigate the effects of this bug as much as possible but in some saves they are more persistent than in others. We decided to move forward with the development and write code that prevents future issues like this, and not spend time on writing code that solves the effects of it. In a new airport this shouldn’t happen.

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Just an idea @Deo - fire the guy lost, and hire someone new :wink:


Hi Olof!

I don’t know if the correct line to suggest the same problem. I have around 15000 passengers waiting outside of remote boarding gates waiting to jump the shuttle bus to the plane or to walking to the plane directly. Several times, some passangers walk to the plane directly crossing taxi runways, terminals, anothers parkings, etc… The Buses don’t pick up the passagers to drive to the correct plane. I have around 15000 passangers missed. And when the plane knows there are some passangers not jump to the plane, that flight begins to create a long delay, and the next plane don’t get land cause the parking is occupied by the previous flight.

And for another hand, I haven’t seen yet the DHC8 in the planes landed.

Thank you very much Olof

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@jasperwillem Yes that was also what I did :slight_smile:

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